Yong Kim and Kyung

Professional Dry Cleaners You Can Rely On

Yong Kim and his wife Kyung have owned and managed Dean Cleaners of Westport since 1990. Our goal is for you “to keep you looking your best” by keeping your garments in original showroom condition. Continue reading more about Dean Cleaners, including our certification and awards. 

Please Meet Our New Partner Managers, Richard and Grace Son

Richard and Grace Son

Why Choose Us

A garment care professional, Kim has earned three certifications from the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute (formerly International Fabric Care Institute). Only a few dozen garment care professionals in the world carry such expertise.

Consumers who are served by certified dry cleaners should recognize the certification process as a sign that their cleaner has made a commitment to providing them with quality work and service.

Our customers appreciate us not just for our honesty or excellent customer service or our friendly staff but also for the responsibility and thorough professionalism with which we undertake all jobs.

Dean Cleaners is here to give your clothes the best care that they deserve.

Certified Dry Cleaning Experts

Dean Cleaners of Westport has earned the International Dry Cleaning Award. We have passed all cleaning and customer service evaluations and earned the Award of Excellence in 2008 for quality garment cleaning & customer service. 

This prestigious international program is administered by the Clothing Care Council (CCC), a Washington, D.C.-based group that represents the interests of the cleaning industry, clothing manufacturers, and consumer advisers. The CCC helps these stakeholders identify those cleaning plants that provide the highest level of clothing care.

Certifications & Awards

Dean Cleaners of Westport are:

  • Certified Professional Dry Cleaners

  • Certified Professional Wet Cleaners

  • Certified Professional Environmental Dry Cleaners

  • An Accredited Business With the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • Holders of Award of Excellence Cleaners Since 2008 for 11 Consecutive Years.

Convenience & Quality

Dean Cleaners provides residential door-to-door dry cleaning services. While most of the cleaning is done in-house, we send the leather and suede products to professional dry cleaners to make sure you have your leather and suede garments in top condition.

Now that you know all about our expertise, accolades, and recognition, contact us to book our dry cleaning services. 

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